Lent Courses and Easter Plays.
Each Year St Georges runs a Lent Course. The notes from the courses are available and may help if you're planning your own course

Pleas find our course notes for the new 2016 Lent Course
Course Notes
These notes are for the 2013 Lent course around a theme of ‘Hope for Today’s world’.
Lent 2013, Lent 2013 - Glimpses

Previous Courses
Lent Course Notes 2009 We also ran a lent blog this year which had a great response, click here
Lent Course Notes 2010
Lent Course Notes 2011
2012 Notes
Introduction, Slavery, Friendship and Prayer, Change and Struggle, Redemption and Restitution

We have some Easter plays written by members of the Church which are available for download. They are shareware and whilst free to use, a donation to St Georges to reflect the work of the author would be appreciated.

The excellent 2016 Palm Sunday short plays scripts are and can be listened to on Home page

“Believe!” is a classic depiction of the Easter story.
It is available in a Word document here -
believe.doc (44kb) - Paul Hare

"Voices in the Darkness" is a Passion play depicting the Easter story.
It is available in a Word document here -
voices.doc (44kb) - Carol Frost

"The Gospel according to Some Others" is a set of monologues told by various people, set in the years after the death and ressurection of Jesus.
It is also available in a Word document here -
others.doc (58kb) - Carol Frost

"Some views from the Upper Room" is set in the last few days and immediately after the betrayal of Jesus.
Available in Word Format (zipped) here -
upper_room.zip (43kb) - Carol Frost

"Keeping the Faith" A Passion Play
Available in Word Format (zipped) here -
faith.zip (61kb) - Carol Frost