St George the Martyr Church, Shirley

Monday Evening Bible Reading

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Bible reading for Monday Evening

Hagar God meets us in our deepest darkness.

Abraham  He questioned and challenged God: the first grown-up conversations with God in the Bible.


Bible Promises 2  Some Bible promises might reasonably be seen as a record of what God said, or inspired someone to say.

Bible Promises One   God’s own Bible names are promises: I AM WHO I WILL BE, Saviour, Shepherd



Revelation 22.  Final chapter. 

John isn’t offering an ending, he is handing over to us the responsibility for taking up our own roles and writing our own stories

Revelation 21

Revelation 20

Revelation 18

Revelation 17

Revelation 16

Revelation 15

Revelation 14

Revelation 13

Revelation 12

Revelation 11

Revelation 10

Revelation 9

Revelations 8

Revelations 6

Revelations 5

Revelations 2

R1 John has seen God and wants to share his experience.

Some notes on Apocrypha

John’s Letters

J Letters

John’s Gospel

J20. Mary’s shock at empty tomb

J19 Encouragement

J16 Jesus excluded

J15 Living in the Vine

J14 Jesus is Way, Truth and Life

J13 Everyday communion


Science and Human Origins – from Science and Christian Belief

Science and Human Origins