The Eco Group was formed in the Autumn of 2020 after the seed was planted in our weekly Pew Sheet.  Several volunteers put their names forward and the group was formed.

The original aim was to look at Climate Change and consider what we could do to spread the word relating to our individual responsibilities.  We used the A Rocha guidelines to assess where our Church was on the route to be more aware of where we were in terms of being ‘green’.

Evidence was gathered, resulting in small changes being made to what was happening at St. George’s.  It was not too long before we found ourselves eligible for the Bronze Award.   We have now applied for and received the Bronze Award. 

The next step is Silver which we have started by undertaking local litter picks and ECO evening with all churches invited.

Committee Members

Sophie Clayton

Liz Bebington

Susan Wheeler                     

Brian McGinnis

Hugh Aylward

Helen Aylward

Janet Fitt

Helen McMullan

Jan Turner