Food Waste

How to Cut Food Waste

This list shows ways in which you can cut your food waste.  If you know of any others, please inform a member of the Eco Group and it will be added.  Your fridge should be set at 5oC or less to keep food as fresh as possible.  Remember to try to ReduceReuse and Recycle

ApplesFridgeLast up to two weeks long in the fridge than in a fruit bowl
AvocadoFridgeRub lemon juice on any unused halves.  Wrap tightly to keep longer
BaconFridgeUse leftover cooked bacon as a crunch topping for salads
BananasLarderKeep separate from other fruits as they cause other fruits to ripen quickly.  They can be peeled and frozen for use in other dishes
Beer and CiderLarderThese cannot be frozen.  Keep bottled beer away from light to prevent spoiling the flavour
BiscuitsLarderSoft or soggy biscuits can regain their crunch if popped in the oven for a few minutes
BreadLarderDo not store bread in the fridge where it will not last as long.  Freshen up stale bread by sprinkling with water and placing in a hot oven for a few minutes.  Stale bread can be used to make breadcrumbs.  If these are baked in the oven for 10 minutes, they can be stored in an airtight container to make crunchy toppings for pasta bakes and cottage pies.
BroccoliFridgePreserve for longer by putting stems in a glass of water
ButterFridgeAdd garlic or herbs to the last of butter and freeze in ice cube trays to use in cooking.Unused butter can be melted and added to some porridge oats ready for the bird table.
CarrotsFridgeRevive soft carrots by chopping off a slice from each end.  Place them in cold water
CheeseFridgeWrap in waxed paper, not clingfilm, to keep fresh.  Keep soft cheese moist by storing in the salad drawer
ChickenFridgeStore on bottom shelf in a sealed container.  When freezing, put breasts in separate bags to make defrosting easier
ChocolateLarderDark chocolate lasts longer than milk or white. White spots are due to moisture or heat and ill not harm
CoffeeLarderKeep in airtight containers
CrispsLarderReseal opened bags with a clip or peg
Dried FruitLarderHardened fruit can be softened by soaking in hot water
EggsFridgeTest eggs in water – if they sink, they are still safe to eat.  If they float, throw them away
FishFridgeKeep at the bottom of the fridge.  Wrap well to avoid any drips
Fizzy DrinksFridgePour flat drinks into ice lolly moulds and freeze
FlourLarderLasts up to 8 months after opening. 
Fruit JuiceFridgeSimmer wrinkly apples in the leftover fruit juice to make a delicious crumble base
HamFridgeKeep in an airtight container.  Can be frozen up to use by date.  Remember to put greaseproof paper between the slices.
HerbsFridgeTreat fresh herbs like flowers.  Cut stems and place in half a jar of water.  Flavour is unaffected.  Keep Basil at room temperature
Honey and JamLarderHoney can last years, but will crystallise over time.  Revive by placing container in warm water.  Keep jam jars in the fridge once opened
Lemons and LimesFridge and FreezerLemons and limes last weeks longer in the fridge.  Freeze slices to use in drinks
Meat (Beef, Pork, Lamb)FridgeIt is safe to re-freeze meat that has been defrosted and cooked
MilkFridgeFrozen cubes of milk last months and can be dropped straight into tea or coffee
Nuts and SeedsLarderLast longer stored in an airtight container or seal the bag with a clip or peg
OilLarderBest stored in an opaque or tinted bottle to protect from light.  Extra virgin olive oil lasts longer than regular olive oil.Mix unused oils and fats with porridge oats to put on the bird table.
OnionsLarderKeep in a cloth bag away from potatoes. Only store cut onions in the fridge, wrapped or in a container
PeppersFridgeIf only using half of the pepper, the leftover will last longer if the stalk and seeds are left attached
PotatoesLarderStore away from onions.  Cut off any sprouts that appear.  Frozen boiled potatoes can be roasted straight from the freezer
Pulses (Lentils, beans etc.)LarderKeep leftovers in a sealable container, never store in opened cans in the fridge
RiceLarderCooked rice should be eaten immediately or rinsed quickly under cold water, drained and stored in the fridge, ideally eaten within one hour.  Add a few grains of uncooked rice to the salt shaker to prevent the sale becoming damp
Salad leavesFridgeTo prevent leaves going limp, add a piece of kitchen roll to the bag.  Seal with a clip
SaucesFridgeStore nearly empty jars upside down to get out every last drop
ShellfishFridgeCooked shellfish will last a couple of days in the fridge.  If frozen, cook within 24 hours of defrosting
SpicesLarderStore away from direct sunlight.  Spices last up to four years, but lose potency over time.  Test by rubbing a small amount on the hand and taste or smell it.
Squash (Butternut, Pumpkin)LarderOnly needs storing in the fridge once it has been cut.  Store in a cold cupboard or garage
TeaLarderKeeps it taste up to 12 months past the “best before” date
TofuFridgeOnce opened, store tofu in an airtight container with just enough water to cover it
WineFridgeWhite lasts up to a week and red lasts up to four days when stored in a fridge
YogurtFridgeKeep tightly covered at all times.  Clean out empty post and use them to store leftovers