St George the Martyr Church, Shirley


Congratulations! If you are thinking about planning a church wedding, a good place to start is which could answer a number of your questions. If you are planning to get married at St George’s, then that would be fabulous and the best place to start is by contacting Rev Barry Hengist on 020 8654 8747 or via email at First - are you eligible to get married at St Georges? To do so, a) One of you must reside in the parish, or be on the electoral roll. Or under the new rules :-
  1. You may marry in St Georges if either one/both of you was baptised or confirmed there.
  2. If one of you has at any time regularly attended public worship there for 6 months.
  3. If one of the parents has lived in the parish for 6 months or more in the child’s lifetime.
  4. If any of the parents have regularly attended worship at St Georges in the child’s life
  5. Couples can also marry where if either of their parents or grandparents were married at St Georges.
b) You must both be over 18 by the proposed date of the wedding, or have your parents consent. c) You must be prepared to pay £674. (Although this can be reduced depending on your requirements). d) You will need to have your Banns read, in both of the parishes you and your intended spouse live........ NOTE!!! Banns are read over three weeks, at the Sunday service, so you need to make sure you organise this to start AT LEAST FOUR weekends before your marriage. You will need a form MB1 - one for each church, available from all good vicars. You need to book your wedding as early as possible to avoid disappointment, and make it the first thing you book, not the last!! So get on the phone now to Revd. Hengist!