Living the Questions

The upheaval of the last 15 months has raised all sorts of questions for people about what’s important about life. For
some that may include questions about where God has been at work (or absent) during the pandemic. In the face of life and-death issues, it might make us question why we believe there is a God at all. Does Christianity still make sense
in the 21st century? Questioning our faith is not something we should be afraid of just as the scientific community is not afraid to ask how everything, from the subatomic to the known universe, works. Questioning is a sign of a lively and growing faith.
Harrell Beck says “Wisdom is asking questions for which there are no answers.” Joining details are below.

I am inviting you to consider joining me and others in a fresh look at the Christian faith through a course called “Living the Questions” which includes video input from 30 of today’s religious leaders including John Bell the leader of the Iona Community; the late Marcus Borg whom you may have heard me quote from time to time in a sermon; and influential US pastors like Winnie Varghese and Yvette Flunder.

The course is broken down into 3 blocks of 7 sessions of about 90 minutes which we’re holding on a weekly basis
starting Sundays at 5.00 pm in the church from 12th September and Mondays at 7.30 pm on from 13th September but you can join anytime during the course.

The course is FREE including the coursebook but donations to the “Missions Fund” would be gratefully received.
If you are interested in joining me, have any questions about the course, or if you know of anyone else who might find it interesting, then please let me know. Revd Barry Hengist 020 8654 8747 or 07947 068209