St George the Martyr Church, Shirley

Who’s Who

Please see below for descriptions of the leadership at St George’s Church.

3. My name is Ray and as a Reader (or Licensed Lay Minister) I am part of the ministerial team at St George’s. My role includes preaching, teaching, assisting and leading worship, pastoral work and taking funerals when required. In addition I am on the rota to lead worship at the Whitgift Almshouses in central Croydon, teach on the Bishops Certificate in Discipleship, and Warden of Readers in the Croydon Episcopal Area

4. Hi my name is Andy and I am a Southwark pastoral auxiliary based here at St Georges.I live in the parish and have been worshipping here around 10 years. I run a twice monthly prayer group called Open door as well as helping out during services in a variety of ways including reading of  the Gospel and intercessions. I am developing a bereavement group and volunteer with the chaplaincy at  the Royal hospital of Neuro Disability in Putney.
 5. Ordinand in training- Ruth Chapman. Hello, I am Ruth and I am married to Richard. We have three amazing children, including twins and we live in Croydon. I am training for the priesthood at St Mellitus College ( and I spend half my week at St George’s putting into practice (hopefully) what I am learning at college! I like reading, cooking and I am a big fan of the TV show The West Wing.